Cannabis PODS

Propods Inc. has designed and developed a turnkey solution to increase timely openings and be less expensive then traditional “Bricks and Mortar” buildings which creates a faster ROI.

Our prefab module buildings are designed to be “semi-permanent” with the exact same appearance of any brick and mortar building. Over and above our ability to increase faster openings we also offer a secure, 100% staff operated and managed dispensing system (behind the counter); a dispensing solution that has a staff eye retina reader, staff finger print reader, and staff ID card reader all managed wirelessly by Management.

Our dispensing kiosks also offer 100% accuracy in all aspects of inventory control.

Our team can provide all Operators a solution for a smooth and detailed installation schedule, including permits with regards to city and regional requirements throughout any Province or State.

What We Offer

  • For the Canadian Market, manufactured in Canada by a Canadian company.
  • For the US Market, manufactured in the US by a US company.
  • One stop turnkey solution across any Province or State.
  • Turnkey design / on site set-up (Electrical and Plumbing).
  • Full site, sidewalks, plants, grass subject to per city requirements.
  • All permits, site work, and approvals will be managed by UVG and our Partners.
  • Delivery to site for installation throughout any Province or State.
  • ADA approved.
  • Seven (7) staff managed, 100% secure, 24/7 reporting cannabis dispenser systems per POD.
  • Full staff training and ongoing support.
  • Financing if requested.

About The POD

  • 100% managed and operated by the Owner / Operator and trained staff.
  • We offer two exterior sizes (A small) & (B large) subject to the location.
  • We offer interior prefab “Store within a Store” turnkey PODS
  • Commercial grade construction with rooftop AC / Heater.
  • Securely and semi-permanently anchored at every location.
  • Double Entrance / Exit doors (ADA approved).
  • Secure inventory and staff rear door.
  • Required awnings and signage and exterior light package.
  • Photoluminescent “Running Man Signs”.
  • Complete wireless security, interior and exterior surveillance camera system.
  • Wireless digital screen network for customer information.
  • Stand alone Digital Greeter for customer “Self Serve information”.
  • Managers Office, Walk in Security room, Secure inventory area.
  • Exterior / Interior design to the Provincial specks.

Staff Managed Inventory Dispensors

  • 100% staff managed.
  • 100% accurate wireless inventory control.
  • Specific wireless router per dispenser with built in firewall.
  • 24/7 wireless sales reporting, 100% accuracy
  • See what is selling, where, and when
  • Start and end of shift reporting per staff member.
  • Wireless replenishing alerts.
  • Staff “Eye Retina” reader per sale.
  • Staff “Finger Print Reader” per sale.
  • Staff “ID Card Reader” per sale.
  • Separate Managers Key.
  • Optional tinted front glass.

Design “A”

Design “B”


Wireless Reporting (In real time)

  • Wireless / Per Employee Reporting
  • Wireless / Entire Dispenser Reporting by SKU
  • Wireless / Manager and Provincial 24/7 Reporting
  • Wireless / Hourly, Weekly, Annual Reporting
  • Wireless / Low Inventory, Par Level Alerts


Digital Greeter

Allows customers to personally be engaged reviewing options prior to a purchase and be more informed about all Provincial offerings.

  • Select a Language
  • Select and learn about all Provincial product offerings
  • Review current Provincial inventory and price points
  • Sign up for the Provincial newsletter
  • Way finding to other Provincial locations offering Cannabis


Propods will deliver to your location the following

  1. Turnkey Dispensing kiosks with wireless management
  2. Digital wireless screen package
  3. Digital touch screen customer greeter