Our Values

Uniquely Qualified Staff

Our entire team deep experience in a wide range of self serve kiosks and the digital marketplace, what sets us apart from our competition is our entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, we have carefully selected each of our team members based not just on their intelligence and experience, but also on their ability to think for themselves, embrace challenges, and walk in our clients shoes. We have found that it’s this combination of attributes that allows us to understand our client’s unique requirements, and offer atypical solutions.

Creative Solutions

It’s not just the mindset of our management and staff that makes us different. It’s the tools, resources and freedom we have, a combination of elements that not only allows, but encourages our entire team to go above and beyond to find solutions that best fit a client’s specific needs. We’re not about creative thinking for the sake of being different, we’re about creative thinking as a means of addressing the practical realities of our clients’ businesses, in a way that off-the-shelf solutions simply can’t.


A large part of demanding excellence from our entire team is in demanding that they be human: open-minded, empathetic, and with a willingness to see things from your point of view. At Propods Inc., we take great pride in our ability to listen and learn, so we can understand the complexities of your particular business. It’s not only for the cause of addressing your most immediate needs, but to enable us to look ahead to what you might need down the road. For us, relationships are about serving you for the long term. We have an established track record of helping our clients advance with both traditional and non-traditional venues. Whether your company is in its infancy or at a stage of maturity, we’re intensely focused on helping you move your business to the next level.

Company Headquarters


Canadian Office
515 North Service Road
Unit 15
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada L8E 5X6

US Office
256 3rd Street
Unit 12
Niagara Falls NY


Paul Neelin
(905) 930-9485

Greg Moro
(905) 572-5218